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How to correctly perform Yoga Asanas?

Asanas are one of the pillars of yoga, doing them correctly is a matter of practice and a good teacher. And is that as in any teaching the teacher is an essential part of...

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Exercise: the best medicine for your heart

If you love your heart, take it for a walk, bicycle, swimming or camping. Physical activity keeps your heart strong and healthy and reduces your risk of fatal heart attack and other cardiovascular problems....

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Yoga at the golf course

The mind is focused, breathing evenly, the player right now – golf has many parallels to yoga. Both require strength, flexibility, and balance … and both teach to live the moment.

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Mindfulness exercises

Mindfulness Practice. Merge in the present moment. We present several mindfulness exercises to improve attention and concentration in your daily life. Brief Introduction Mindfulness The word translated “Mindfulness” or “Mindfulness”. Although the practice of...