Health Facts

You…A Picture of Health!

Your health is determined by certain biological processes that must be able to function together, at your body’s optimal ability – otherwise it is likely you will find yourself in discomfort, stages of illness or even diagnosed disease.
These include:

  • Digestion – breakdown of the foods that you eat and the absorption of of nutrients into the bloodstream
  • Energy production – cellular health and respiration
  • Hormone balance – metabolism, male/female, hypothalamus axis
  • Inflammation control – healthy immune response
  • Detoxification – waste removal
  • Oxidative stress/repair – anti-aging

Metabolic imbalances underlie various disease conditions. Contributors to imbalance can include diet, environment (quality of air, water, and household chemicals), exercise and stress. How you adapt to the assaults of these stressors is important.

You possess a unique set of genetic predispositions, attitudes and beliefs that impact how you respond in any given situation.

Supporting the body at the cellular level, nutrition can be used to modify biological responses. Specific types and amounts of nutrients can facilitate or even stimulate physiologic function.

Nutritional Evaluation

What is so important about an evaluation of your nutrition?

You’ve heard the term,
‘you are what you eat’,

there is a lot of truth to that.

Food supports vitality:
cleansing, building and balancing


Food can be be health inhibiting:
clogging, congesting and toxic.

Somewhere in there is a balance where you 

look marvelous,

feel fantastic

and enjoy quality of life.